Do I need to make a reservation? 

Yes, we do ask for reservations (which are easily made online). There are only 8 spots per time slot and they can fill up quickly depending on the day. Walk-ins are first-come, first-served until the tour is full. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 72-hour cancellation policy.  Any cancellation within that period of time will not be refunded.


Where do I go and how early should I arrive?

Please arrive at the front desk of Mountain Springs Lodge 20 minutes prior to your reservation time.  We are approximately 25 minutes northwest of downtown Leavenworth, so allow for travel time.  If you arrive after your scheduled reservation time and your group has already left, you will have to try and reschedule your tour for another time or day.  
No refunds will be provided.


Is it safe?

The construction and operation of our zipline course meets and/or exceeds the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) standards.  All our guides have received extensive training and perform daily inspections of the course and equipment.


How many people can be in a group?

We can accommodate up to 8 participants per group, in addition to 2 of our trained guides.


What if our group is larger than 8 people?

Contact us at and we can discuss the specifics of your group.


What should I wear/bring?

Sturdy, closed-toed shoes with a solid back are required (no flip-flops, sandals, Crocs, etc.).  Clothing should be appropriate for current weather conditions and be comfortable to wear under a full body harness.  Feel free to bring a camera, although we are not responsible for any lost or dropped items.  We do have a locked area to keep valuables you don't want to take with you on the tour.


What if it's raining?

We will plan to zip rain or shine and do our best to make your tour happen as scheduled,   lightning and high winds being the exception.  Your safety is our utmost concern and we may need to suspend or possibly reschedule your tour if extreme weather creates unsafe conditions.


What equipment do you provide?

We provide full body harnesses, helmets, zip trolleys, lanyards and options gloves.


Are there any restrictions I should know about?

Participants must weight between 70-270 lbs and be of reasonably good health as there is a moderate 15-20 minute uphill trail on switchbacks to get to the first biplane.  Participants must also be able to lift their legs up while in their harness as they approach the platform.  Our tour is not recommended for people with neck or back injuries.  People with other medical conditions should consult their doctor before participating.  Unfortunately, pregnant women cannot participate: please come back after your bundle of joy has been delivered.  We do reserve the right to cancel your tour if we are concerned about your physical well-being.


Should I tip my guides?

Although it's not required, a tip goes a long way to show your guides that they've done a great job and you enjoyed your experience. do I stop?

There is a guide-operated, adjustable braking system installed at the end of each and every one of our ziplines which allows you to just sit back and enjoy the ride.  The ziplane trolleys have handles to keep you facing forward, so you don't worry about getting caught in a spin or flying across the valley backwards, either.


What if I have other questions that aren't listed here?

Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail and we would be happy to talk with you more:
(509) 763-2713  OR  1-800-858-2276